How to earn through Inner G Beauty

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Step 1

Buy one bottle of Inner G Beauty health drink at RM 79.90 through our our website (refer to the area representative for assistance if you need any assistance)

Step 2

Introduce 5 friends of yours to the system (Dont forget to fill in the Introducer and area column when registering).

Step 3

You will be earning your income through the power of Duplication for 3 levels in your hierarchy. The table below is the hierarchy system.


You  Income  Total Income

5 Star Cruise Trip

From Port Klang to Pulau Langkawi

3 Days 2 Nights

Level 1 5     Friends  RM 10.00  RM 50.00
Level 2 25   Friends  RM 8.00  RM 200.00
Level 3 125 Friends  RM 7.00  RM 875.00
    TOTAL  RM 1125.00



You have to achieve your level 1 within 14 days from the date of your purchase of the Inner G Beauty & Health Drink. All your 5 friends will be doing the same to earn income thus making the power of duplication to work for you. Please visit the members column view your hierarchy status.